About your RESULT:

If you had 10 out of 10:


Allow yourself to feel delighted and proud.

If you had 9 out of 10: Most probably it was just a lapse of concentration. Keep going. Imagine you had 9 out of 10 (= 90%) in your exams: How would you feel about that?

If you had 7 or 8 out of 10: Keep practicing.

Analyse what went wrong. Most probably you did not allow yourself to have a really weird connection.

If you had 6 or less: Read the previous section again. Go over the examples here and learn to put more oomph into the connections.

Go back and read the section: Examples; also you might read the section: Hints & Tips. However most importantly:

Keep practicing.

I promise you: you keep at it and practice diligently everything you find in this chapter, you WILL succeed to improve your memory.