From: Not so Good, to: OK, to Almost Good.

The task is:

Connect the word CAT with the word CAR. 

Try this:

The cat is lying on the car.

Not really good.

(Can this happen in real life? Yes, of course. Therefore it is not good enough to make a strong connection.) 

The cat is driving the car.


(How is the cat’s driving?) 

The cat is scratching the car.

Better again.

Can you see this, and can you HEAR the claws along the metal? The cat is ripping the car open with wolverine-like claws like a sardine tin.

Again better.

Can you hear the sound of metal being ripped? Can you feel the pain of the car? Can see the ripped metal pieces hanging in all directions away from the car?

Ah, now we are starting to have fun.