Bring in all the senses: The Car

Can you see the car?

What colour is it?

Is this your favourite car or just one that popped up in your mind?

Car you hear the car?

Is it a normal engine noise or is it more the sound of an American muscle car? 

Try this: open the engine hood, and see the engine flexing its biceps. Well, it is a muscle car, isn’t it? 

Smell the car.

Exhaust fumes or engine oil or leather seats?

Feel the car.

Again: Exhaust pipe (hot??) or engine oil or leather seats?

Lick the car. How does it taste? 

Make the car move. See it in your mind’s eye. 

And now: Can you change the car to something ‘crazy’?

Can you see Herbie, the beetle?

For a moment or two: have a chat with Herbie? 

In summary:

Vividly in your mind’s eye: You see it, you hear it, and you feel it.