Let's Go Crazy !!!

See the cat.

And see the car.

(NB: What follows now is only one of many, many, many possibilities.)

Like gladiators, the cat and the car are running towards each other.

The cat uses its claws, and the claws look like wolverine’s (see X-men) claws.

These claws go through the metal like butter, like opening a tin.

The car’s boot opens, sucks in the catThe cat is in the boot, and it is closed and it is all so dark. The cat lights up a matchAnd then the petrol in the car explodes. And this catapults the cat out of the boot. High up and higher and higher. And with a whistling sound it comes back. The cat is falling and even aiming for the car. There are cross-hairs on the top of the car: that’s where the cat dents the car. And the cat hits the car with its fists. The car is getting more and more crumpled up

And the car gets mad. The car’s exhaust is getting longer and is aiming for the cat: And blows exhaust fumes at the cat.

And the engine opens up and squirts black engine oil at the cat.

The cat is coughing and is dripping in oil. 

How are we doing?

Is this enough to connect the two words?