The biggest problem:

Many people think that when you do a memory techniques course that you have a ‘perfect’ memory.

No, you don’t.

Just like when you do a meditation course you are not relaxed ALL the time.

However you know what to do when you are not relaxed.

The same here: you will know what to do IF you have to remember something.

Also: Many people think that memory is like a light-switch: that you flick on or off.

No, it isn’t.

Memory is a skill. A skill that you learn over time.

That you learn in steps.

That you learn by practice. And practice. And even more practice.

Just like a child learns to walk. It doesn’t so overnight. Gradually the child gets there.

The child keeps at it, and it does get there.

The same here:

Go through the exercises and you will improve your memory.

Remember: Memory is a Skill!!


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