Imagine you want to remember where you put your car-keys.

Say, you want to remember that you put them onto the coffee-table in the sitting-room.

Now: Can you see the car-keys?

Yes, of course.

Can you see the coffee-table?

Again, of course you can.

Can you see – in your mind – how you put down the keys onto the table?


HOWEVER: Can this happen in real life?


Therefore this connection is NO GOOD.

It has to be something that CANNOT happen in real life.

Let’s start again. In your mind you see yourself putting down the keys onto the table.

And right in the moment when the keys touch the table,

you make the table explode (in your mind only, of course).

You see the explosion, you hear the explosion.

If you feel the connection is not strong enough (yet), then just keep going.

You may imagine there are some glass splinters flying around.

Some of them are in your face, stuck in your cheek.

Some blood is trickling down your face.

You lick the blood and taste the blood.

How about this?

A little bit on the brutal side, I admit. However: Is it memorable?

Can this happen in real life?

Next: you want to remember where you put the car-keys.

You see the keys in your mind,

and right there and then the OTHER PICTURE WILL COME BACK.

And you see the coffee-table in the sitting-room:

Oh, yes, that’s where I put the keys.

This is what we want: One thing reminds you of something else.