Imagine you want to memorise the following 10 items:

Pear – sea horse – sun glasses – sport – baguette

Dentist – wire – bouncy ball – eye lashes – pill

Maybe it goes like this:

The pear is smashing a sea-horse;

Which in turn rips off the bars of the sun-glasses (putting them on is simply too normal = not good enough), and also the sea-horse rams the bars of the glasses throught the lenses,

you hear the glass smashing;

Now the sun glasses are running 100 m (sport), you can hear the crowd shouting as the finish that race;

And at the end of the race a baguette is waiting with the medal;

Now the baguette is hitting the dentist; not enough? The dentist is ramming the baguette into the cavity of a tooth: your tooth: feel the pain (come on, it is just for fun);

Now the dentist is dancing on a high wire, feel the breeze, feel how it is going up and down; So much up and down that the next swing down you cut a bouncy ball into two.

You hear the burst; it that is not enough, then bring the bouncy ball to life (like in a cartoon): why did you cut me into two? Look what you did?

And now the bouncy ball is putting on eye-lashes; huge eye-lashes, they may even be vicious like needles and pricking the ball. ( I do admit the bouncy ball has a hard time in this story.)

And finally each of the eye-lashes is ramming through a pill. One eye-lash: one pill. So many pills lying around. Again if that’s not enough, bring the pills to life and ...

Did I have fun with this?

You bet.

Would you do the same connections?


This is a skill you can ONLY learn by doing.

So give it a go with the next set of 10 pictures:

Ladder – ceiling – mask – drums – palm tree

Chain – window – scarf – jumping – branches.