Does It Work?



Saturday, 18th November 2015


During the seminar there were 3 exercises, each with 10 answers.

In total 30 items had to be recalled.

At the end I tested the students.

The result was an overall: 98.3 %


A few remarks:

1. 4 of 5 exercises asked the students to recall the items in correct sequence.

(This was absolutely NO challenge for the students.)

2. Quite a few got the 100%. Very easily.

(If you ever corrected tests, you can see that.)

3. One of the exercises contained the following (English !!) words:

Condign; taw; adumbrate; acroparesthesia; bilby; mulct; vexillology; chthonic; irenic; logorrhea.

Although the students did NOT know the meaning of the words, they still could ‘recite’ them in. In correct sequence.


Do YOU think it works?

When you have 100% (or even ‘only’ 96.5%), do you think that will boost your confidence?

Recalling the items in correct sequence, do you think that will boost your confidence even more?

Knowing how to recall items in correct sequence, do you think that would reduce your revision time?

And do you think that the knowledge that you know everything would calm you before going into an exam?