Quizes (questions & answers) is a very good way to improve visualisation skills. 

The following examples are taken from Game 3: Exercise 11.


What is the collective word for a flock of geese in flight?

What is the diet of ‘limivorous’ animals?

What kind of creature is a ‘bilby’?






What is the collective word for a flock of geese in flight?


What is the diet of ‘limivorous’ animals?


What kind of creature is a ‘bilby’?


Ideas for pictures:

One goose, two geese, many geese.

Ski or skis will do just fine here.

The key word must be: limovorous.How about: limo (as in limosine)?

If you really think that it might be necessary, then include: four (see number-shape system)

Now that should be some fun.

This must be one of the most straight forward ones:Bill and a bee.

(Bill Clinton; Buffalo Bill; Bill Gates; Bill Cosby)

Doesn’t matter if you know what a marsupial is or not.

You could see: a mars chocolate bar swimming in a soup.

Game 3 contains 50 exercises.

Quite a wide range of topics.

You don’t have to finish all of them to become a Memory Master.

It is rather important that you notice HOW you progress.

And then you can apply this skill to any area in your life. 

Best wishes from the West of Ireland. 

Joe Thornton 

PS: Remember and short re-cap:

Game 3 deals with visualisation. This is: changing an item (any item) into a picture. To see it in your mind’s eye.

Very important here: If you don’t have a picture: you CANNOT remember. If you do have a picture, it is really, really easy to remember.

Game 2 deals with quantity, and how to remember items in correct sequence. This is NOT a pre-requisite for Game 3.

However, you should have mastered Step 1: Association. How to connect two items.

PS2: Any questions? Please contact Joe