How to remember …. easier (using sound)

Visualisation simply means:    holding a picture in your mind's eye.

Now, that’s fine.

And to make it stronger, you may as well add sound.

Any sound. 

This is especially helpful for auditory people.

If you are working with kids, and you do create a story, you could use:

And what does he say?

And what does he answer back? 

You get the drift. 

Adding sound is not necessary per se.

However it makes it makes the picture stronger.

And when you connect the pictures/images (ASSOCIATION), adding sound to the sequence not only makes it stronger: It is also easier to do.

And you will realise: it is good fun as well. 

Best wishes from the west of Ireland 

Joe Thornton  

PS: Let me tell you an anecdote here:

This lady wanted to master Memory Techniques.

I explained how association works.

And she intellectually grasped it quite nicely.

However when practicing, it seemed that the pictures/images came back (what I call) “reluctantly”.

They simply didn’t come back as fast as I wanted or as I expected.

I said to her: Do you hear any sound with your pictures?

She said: No, not really.

So we concentrated on that.

And voila: after adding sound: she simply aced it.

Later I did find out that she was an auditory person.

A little extra can make such a difference.


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