How to remember Names

You may know the British acress Minnie Driver.

I think she is a good actress.

And I never thought about it until my daughter mentioned:

I hate Minnie Driver.

I said: what do you mean?

She said: well, not her as such.

But I think it is a stupid name.

She continued: Whenever I hear her name I think of a small, a really small mini cooper.

Well, it does sound like it: a mini (Minnie) driver. 

Alas, sometimes it is VERY easy to change a name into a picture. 

(Hope this example does not put you off to watch film with the actress: Minnie Driver.) 

If you want to master how to remember any name:

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Best wishes from the west of Ireland 

Joe Thornton  

PS: There are only 3 steps to remembering.

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