What’s the difference between remembering names and remembering numbers?

There is no difference at all. 

Some people find numbers easier.

And for some people it is easier to remember names. 

That is however only a personal preference.

In relation to Memory Techniques:

Whatever you want to remember: you have to change it into a picture. 

If you want to remember for example the name: carpenter, then you might see someone working in that profession. Fine.

Or you see the pop-group: The Carpenters. And hear Karen Carpenter singing with her very distinctive voice. That’s fine as well. 

How about a foreign name, like Petrogelli?

Same story: change it into a picture.

Maybe you see: my Pet rows in jelly. That’ll do nicely. 

And numbers?

Sometimes people say: numbers don’t mean anything to me.

So what?

The message is the same as with names: change it into a picture. 

I, personally, follow this system: I change numbers into people.

So many variations are possible here.

Just to kick-start it here:

1 = the letter A.

2 = the letter B. 

So, if I want to remember the number 12, I might see the singer Adrea Bocelli (you noticed his initals are AB = 12). 

If you follow a system like this it is really, really easy to remember a number. Any number.

How about long a number?

Follow the three steps:

Change the number into a picture (Step 3: Visualisation);

Then have your journey ready (Step 2: Location)

And then connect the two in the most bizarre way (as you’ve learned in Step 1: Association). 

Easy. QED 

If you have any questions about Memory Techniques, simply contact me. I would be delighted to help you.  

Best wishes from the West of Ireland 

Joe Thornton