Some time ago, my wife and I went shopping.

She got talking to a lady, and I just stared (somewhat bored) into the trolley.

Afterwards, my wife said: that was rude.

Me: What did I do now?

You didn’t say hello.

I said: I don’t know who that was.

I assumed someone you know from work.

And she said: No, that was our neighbour.

May I add here: someone who lives next door to us for the last 15 years. 

My message here: I am not very good with faces.

I do find that a challenge.

I didn’t recognise my neighbour. 

Now: I can remember a 100 digit number.    In correct sequence.

Most people cannot. 

I can remember a deck of cards. In correct sequence.

Most people cannot.

I can remember 500 binary digits. (sequence of random zeros and ones).

Most people cannot.

What’s your verdict?

Do I have a good memory?

Yes or no? 

Best wishes from Galway City and God bless 

Joe Thornton