By day 3 many new year’s resolutions are gone;

and by day 10 it is probably safe enough to say that most of the new year’s resolutions are forgotten. 

Let me help you with a simple Memory Techniques exercise.

And we do in steps.

1.       Have your list of New Year’s resolutions.

2.       Have your journey ready. (NB: If you have 10 resolutions you need a journey with 10 stages.)

3.       Change the resolutions into pictures/images.

4.       Place the pictures/images onto the journey.

5.       Walk the walk.

Here is the rationale behind this idea: You can revise without a note-book. You can revise the list as often as you want. Wherever you are.

I go to the corner-shop and while walking I revise the list.    (and I get at least one flash of inspiration how to put one of the New year’s resolutions into reality.)

I am driving to work, and here as well: I revise the list.   (And again: another idea comes up how to push one of the New Year’s resolutions forward.)

My wife is telling me about the marriage breakdown of her best friend. I kind of tune out (come on, who wants to hear that) and I revise the list.

The more I revise the list, the more ideas I get to follow through with my projects.                         However: I can only think about them if I have the list in my head.        At the ready.              The more I think about my list, the easier it is to keep me focused and to do my best.

I can use my energies to do what’s on the list (and not getting scattered in trying to remember the list in the first place.) 

Give it a go.

Start small.

10 resolutions on the list will do just fine.

And after one month only: see the difference.  

About the 5 steps above: 

1. Have your list of New Year’s resolutions. 

Ad 1: Writing the list: well, that’s your job to decide what’s important. 

2.  Have your journey ready. (NB: If you have 10 resolutions you need a journey with 10 stages.) 

Ad 2:  Creating a JOURNEY is central in How much to remember; On how to create journeys: The theory here is called: Step 2: Location; To practice this step: Game 2 will do the exactly that.         CLICK HERE

3.  Change the resolutions into pictures/images. 

Ad 3: Changing resolutions into pictures/images: whatever you want to remember, you have to change into a picture. This is central and paramount. The theory here is called: Step 2: Visualisation; To practice this step: Game 3 will teach you exactly that.                 CLICK HERE 

4.  Place the pictures/images onto the journey. 

Ad 4: You have the journey, and you have the pictures/images: now connect the two. I don’t want to explain this here. You have to experience it yourself. This is the most unusual element in Memory Techniques. It is also the most fun. And don’t worry: it is very quick. If the journey is in place, and you have your pictures, this step takes about 1 minute for 10 items. 1 MINUTE !!!The theory here is called: Step 1: Association; to practice this step: Game 1 will teach you. So quickly  this part of Memory Techniques will become second nature. And it is fun as well.                                                                                       CLICK HERE 

5. Walk the walk. 

Ad 5: Walk the walk. This simply means: revise, revise, revise.

Do you want to achieve your New Year’s Resolutions: then revise again and again.  As Stephen Covey said: Everything is created twice.

First there is a mental creation.

And then there is a physical creation.  

The clearer you have the picture in your head, the easier it is for the universe to place it into your life.

(OK, I do admit, the last bit sounded a little bit airy-fairy. Nevertheless, the more you think about what you want, the easier it does appear in your life.  Let’s try it another way: The more you thing about your list of New Year’s Resolutions, the more creative you are, the more ideas you trigger in your head, and THEREFORE you achieve more of your goals. How does that sound to you?)  

Folks, that’s it for today.I wish you a Happy New Year.

And hopefully you find it a tiny bit easier to stick to your New Year Resolutions now as you can remember them so easily.

Best wishes from the West of Ireland 


PS: If you have any questions, please contact me.