These examples are taken from Exercise 15

Which parts of the body are affected by myositis?

Answer: Muscles

In which industry is a machine called a ‘nodding donkey’ used?

Answer: Oil

In which month in 1901 did Queen Victoria die? 

Answer: January

Which parts of the body are affected by myositis?

The key-word clearly is: myositis.

Break it into two.How about mayo? (As in: Mayonnaise)

And city.Any city. Your favourite city. 

In which industry is a machine called a ‘nodding donkey’ used?

Donkey is easy to see.

However, please do make an effort to see this donkey moving forward and backward, as in: nodding.

Watch out for this one, it may not be as straight forward as you think. 

In which month in 1901 did Queen Victoria die?

Go to google images or even wikipedia and look at a picture of queen Victoria.

That will do nicely.

You could however also take your friend / any famous Victoria and make her into a queen.

And maybe she is holding (ripping up) a calendar.

For the purposes of this exercise it is not necessary to remember the year 1901 itself. If you want to boost your general knowledge however, you may incorporate it. (How to remember numbers is however a topic for later.)  


Either you saw a book depicting the strands of muscles in your body.

Then this will do.

Or you see your biceps.

Or: Jean Claude van Demme. As he is called: The muscles from Brussels. 


Olive oil. Or any of your kitchen oils.

And yes: Do expect that the association part will be quirky.

Or kinky?? 


As a month, January is quite boring. Maybe you have anybody in your circle of friends called Janet. And sometimes you do call her Jan.

However, if you like films like me, then the easiest here is: January Jones.

If you have the chance to change a word into a person, do it. It makes the next step (Association) so much easier.

Trust me on this one.

You have changed the word into a picture.


And now?

Connect the two words. Connect the picture of the question with the picture of the answer. 

You know how to do this. You remember, this is called ASSOCIATION. To revise on Step 1: Association CLICK HERE

You have connected the two words / pictures.


Before you test yourself, you could a couple of lines in: The Framework.

The scientific reason for this is: to fill your short-term memory with something else. And then you will see that the answers still come back. And you really will experience the power of YOU remembering the answers.