These examples are taken from Exercise XYZ

What is the capital of (the US state) Missisippi?

Answer: Jackson 

What is the capital of (the US state) Maryland?

Answer: Annapolis 

What is the capital of (the US state) Kansas?

Answer: Topeka


Mrs Hippie.

Maybe even dancing.

Maybe smoking something.

Bring in all the senses.


The cookies “maryland”.

Or your friend Mary is dancing in a “land” (= field).

You have changed the word into a picture.


And now?

Connect the two words. Connect the picture of the question with the picture of the answer. 

You know how to do this. You remember, this is called ASSOCIATION. To revise on Step 1: Association CLICK HERE

You have connected the two words / pictures.


Before you test yourself, you could a couple of lines in: The Framework.

The scientific reason for this is: to fill your short-term memory with something else. And then you will see that the answers still come back. And you really will experience the power of YOU remembering the answers.