Extra 1

#1: Keep it playful.

Well, it simply makes learning so much easier. And nicer.

And it will stay in your memory a lot longer.

#2: Know what visualisation means.

You HAVE to know what changing a word into a picture means.

Without it: there is no Memory Techniques.

However, if you have grasped it: it makes learning so much faster. And so much more fun.

Actually: the are of changing words into picture is a very creative act. For inspiration: look (and imitate) the masters. Kids!!!

#3: Know what association means.

You HAVE to know how to connect to pictures. Memory simply means that one picture/one thing reminds you of another.

No connection = no recall. It is this simple.

And: the weirder/the crazier/the more unusual it is: the longer it stays in your memory. And that is not only amazing, but also good fun.