Extra 2

#1: It is possible to learn more than one language and keep the vocabulary apart/separate.

Many students will have made this experience that some languages “bleed” into another. Similar sounding words in different languages, i.e. French and Italian and/or Spanish.

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#2: What about those pesky genders?

English is rather simple as the nouns do not have a “gender” attached to it. In French some words are masculine or feminine. In German you even have three genders. And on top of it: One word may be masculine in French and feminine in German. Memory Techniques can help you to clearly identify that, and keep the different sets of words apart.

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#3: You need more (specific) vocabulary, for example when writing an essay.

Once you have mastered the basics, it is so easy to recall a lot of words related to a specific topic. This may come in really handy when you write an exam, or you have to compose an essay.

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