Extra 3

#1: Less is more.

Do a little bit every day. A little bit: say 5 to 10 items of vocabulary.However: do this EVERY day.You will notice: within a very short period of time: this technique of changing words into pictures and then connecting them will become second nature to you. And isn’t that exactly what you want? 

#2: Isn’t that too long-winded?

Well, compared to what?What was your strategy/method for learning foreign language vocabulary until now?And: How successful was that strategy?Maybe you remember this: Repeat 200 times and hope for the best. (Yes, that is sarcasm.) Later, with a bit of practice, you will notice that your speed increases dramatically. You will be as fast as you change words into pictures. And yes: that simply spells: practice, practice, practice. Added Bonus: How much fun was remembering vocab in the past?Here, keep it up, and you will find it hilarious. 

#3: The very last bit of encouragement:  5 to 10 items of vocabulary too much?

Simply just do one item. One item per day. Well, if you can’t or don’t want to do one item: Admit it, you don’t want to learn Italian at all. Or that other foreign language. Which is fine.

Let’s do numbers next week. Or cards. Or mathematical formulas. Or ……..