We divide Memory Techniques into three parts.

Or steps.

Which makes it easier to explain and later it is easier to practice.

Step 1: Association

Step 2: Location

Step 3: Visualisation

In today's tip we tackle Step 3: Visualisation.

Moving towards 'difficult' words (or more specific: what to do with 'difficult' words).

Today's tip is taken from Game 3.

Which consists of 50 exercises in total, each with 10 items.

A fairly eclectic mix and after these 50 exercises you will be quite proficient in knowing what to do when you come across a 'difficult' word.


Whatever you want to remember you have to change into a picture.

And that is exactly what Game 3 is pushing you towards.

In a moment: Click on TEST YOURSELF

If you find that the answers are coming back like a flash: Well Done!

Well, actually, I do expect that.

That is normal.

Keep going. 

Either you create your own exercises;

Or you fast-track your training & learning with Game 3.

Your choice.