2. Example: Sitting-room

Let’s create a realistic example. Do you know your sitting-room? Of course you do. (Just in case you are a student and/or you live in a pokey room, then you could take just that very room, or to make life easier: do you remember your parents’ sitting-toom, or your grand-parents’ sitting-room when you visited them?)

We want to build up a journey of 10 stages.

What comes first? Say the door to the sitting-room. Then this door would be stage number one.

From now on, ask yourself: what comes (naturally) next?

Maybe the sofa. Then the sofa would be stage number two. Then the curtains ....

And so on.

Give it a go to come up with 10 stages in your sitting-room.

Just for fun, here is my own personal sitting-room journey:

1. Door

2. Sofa

3. Window

4. Curtain

5. Telly

6. Mirror over open fire

7. Candle on mantle-piece

8. Open fire itself

9. Coal-bucket

10. Stereo

Now: walk the walk.

Do this a couple of times until it becomes kind of second nature; aim for an intuitive feeling as in: I just know it.

In the future you HAVE to know what is stage 3 and what stage 5 and so on. Don’t raise your eye-brow here, practice will show you that this is easier than you (now) think.

However a word of caution here: Do NOT incorporate/use the number-shape system here. I promise you that this is not necessary; and it will confuse you more than it helps.

So there you are:

Walk the walk. Close your eyes and mentally say: stage no. 1 is ... and you SEE it in your mind’s eye. Then move on to stage no 2 and so on.

Test me on this one: once you walk that journey about 5 times you just know it. (If you wish you may give me feedback on that.)




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