Advice: create your own exercises

Ok, I started you off here with some exercises.

Hopefully you notice, after only a few times practicing it gets already so much easier (and faster). Right?

You will take ownership (and become a master in this skill) once you create your own exerices.

10 items a day is fine. What’s that in time? 5 minutes? 10 minutes? And that is including a cup of coffee as well.

My humble opinion: If you cannot invest 10 minutes in this valuable skill, please stop kidding yourself and move on to a different field of interest. Good luck!

Do this:

Take a piece of paper and jot down 10 items. Any items. Take it from the newspaper in front of you.

And now do your bit: place these items onto a journey.

Another idea:

Take a magazine/newspaper and pick one item of page 1 (and memorise), and then pick one item of page 2 (and memorise) and so on.

Do you see?

This is a really fast and effortless exercise.

And you WILL improve so much much and so fast and so effortlessly in how to remember 10 items.