Again: what makes sense to you.

You could include: Door handle, side-window, inside the door, seat, lever to adjust seat and so on.

You could work towards groups of 5.

Five around your seat.

Five at the dash-board.

Five at the back-seats.

Five in the boot (spare wheel, reflecting vest, toe-rope etc.)

Five around the engine.

And voila, very easily you can build up a journey of 25 plus stage here.

Just for fun:

During a seminar, I gave this example. I said: ‘what makes sense to you?’ And then – very unfortunately AND innocently I want to add – I said: Well, the boys here might get 20 out of the engine alone, and the girls are glad enough if they know where the engine is. I really did NOT mean it the way it sounds. Just for memory techniques: the better you know something the more stages you can have. Say, you know your way around cars and engines, then of course you could have a lot of stages there. If that part doesn’t make sense to you, then just don’t include it.

However, even if you are not knowledgeable here: you know the radiator, the dip-stick, where you top up water, where you put in oil, and although you have never seen them: you have a fair idea about pistons.

Did you notice? Voila: there are 5 stages.

And now over to you: take pen and paper can create your own journey.