This is a useful idea and the Greeks used it widely.

Determine a sequence along your body that makes sense to you.

Do you start at the top?

Or do you start with your toes?

You could have 10 stages attached to your head alone: hair, eye-brows, eyes, nose, mouth, teeth, cheecks, ear, inside the ear, brain.


I have one body journey.

And it comes handy sometimes as it allows me to ‘multiply’ it. Let me explain this.

I do use the body-journey often enough when I am stuck, as in: I just don’t have a journey ready. Then I image – say the speaker of the evening – and I attach 10 items to that speaker.

If you studying for an exam and you have a ‘smart’ book, relevant for the exam, usually you find a picture of the author at the back. Bring him to life, and use ‘his/her’ body for your journey.

I have to admit, it is not the most powerful idea, however it is practical and it does work.

One time I had a medical student in my class. And he did build up ‘body’-journeys. 10 placed on the head. Check! 10 placed inside the torso: the heart, the lungs, the liver etc.

Sorry, I dropped out when he told me that. That was too gorey for me. However it made sense to him, and therefore it was good. (For him!)

Again, give it a go and build up your own body-journey.

You could start with: toes, knees,thigh, behind and keep going up.