example: your make-up routine

This is probably one of the more unusual ideas I ever came across.

In one course a lady asked me: Can I use my make-up routine as a journey?

I hesitated, and said something like: Well, it kind of should be more a physical place, or maybe a person, not really an activity.

She said: Oh, no, you don’t understand me.

I sure did not know what she was on about.

Only afterwards it dawned on me. Most probably (and I apologise to all the girls reading this: I have no clue what you are doing in the morning!) she meant: first I use this thing (= stage one), then I use that thing (=stage two) and so on.

Important: If the sequence makes sense to YOU, then of course you can use it as a journey.

Now, over to you: do you have any ‘unusual’ ideas that you could change into a journey?