Important: a point to ponder

The learning point here is: What’s first: curtain or window? Or: What makes sense to you?

Some time ago, my daughter and myself discussed/built our sitting-room journey. As you may recall the sequence of MY stages is: door – sofa – curtain – window – telly.

However my daughter has:

Door – sofa – WINDOW – CURTAIN – telly.


Because that makes sense to HER to have the window and THEN the curtain.

Whereas I like it the other way round.

What is correct?

You may have guessed that one. There is no right and wrong here. Whatever makes sense to YOU that is your sequence.

However, and let me stress this, as this is really, really important: Once you are happy with your journey, you have revised it a good few times, so that you ‘have it’, then you DO NOT CHANGE it ever again.

Remember: something that you know reminds you of something that you want to know.

The sequence of the journey has to be exact so that you can rely on it.


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