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Your Holidays

Whenever I am on holidays I jot down a couple of lines. And in the back of my head there is always the thought: Can I make a journey out of this?

I had to travel to Edinburgh for a couple of times. I cherish this time. And I got quite a few journeys out of this. Here is an added bonus. Whenever you are on holidays, that memory WILL fade into the background. If you have journeys and you revise them = walk the walk then you also will recall all the good times you had on your trips. This is quite nice.


Another idea for journey material is watching movies. If you have some movies that you like, then you ‘kind of know them already’. You remember: something that you know reminds you of something that you want to know. You can use this knowledge. All you have to do is bring the items/stages into a sequence that makes sense to you.

In addition to that, something that really helps me is to organise my journeys into groups of 5. 5 here, and 5 there, and so on. I just watched the movie: The Truman Show. I love this film. So I decided to make a journey out of it. I have 5 stages connected with his wife Meryll, then 5 stages around his friend Marlin, 5 stages around his true love Sylvia and so on.

To illustrate: 5 stages with his wife Meryll could be: She holds up a slicer (= stage one), she advertises Mococo (= stage two), her nurse’s hat (come on, that’s really cute, isn’t it) (= stage 3), her old-fashioned bike (= stage 4) and showing the photo-album (= stage 5).

Why did I pick those 5 stages and not others? I don’t know. It just made sense to me. And this is the learning element here for you: choose something that makes sense to you. By practice you will trust your intuition.

Oops, I repeat myself: practice, practice, practice.

And then you WILL become a master in step 2 of remembering: Location.



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