6. summary & outlook

Step 2: Location is the quantity in memory improvement training.

It is the logic element in the trilogy (association, location, visualisation).

The more journeys you have the more you can remember easily.

The more familiar you are with your journey, the easier and faster is your recall.

It is not difficult, however it may be ‘not all that exciting’ as you have to take pen and paper and jot down the stages and tweak them until you are happy with that journey. Then you do NOT change the journey ever again.

Remember this definition:

Something that you know (your journey) reminds you of something that you want to know.

What’s next?

We have covered how to connect items to a journey (Association), and the amount of journeys (= stages on your journeys) is the quantity, how much you can easily remember.

What’s left in the trilogy of memory techniques is: Moving on from simpler items (like shopping items) to more difficult terms.

I give you a promise here: once you have learned the ideas in Step 3: Visualisation then you will notice there is absolutely NO difference between easy and difficult items. In the next step you learn to remember anything that you want to remember.




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