Two Memory Tips to Improve your Memory

Here is one do and one don’t from the arena of memorization tips in how to improve your memory.

Do: Follow the Albert Einstein quote:

Phantasy is more important than knowledge.

This is especially important in Step 1: Association, where you learn how to connect two items. Of course any memory exercise is good as long as you follow the NIKE motto: Just do it.

And here is a don’t: Take memory supplements if you like them, but don’t take them to improve your memory. Just as vitamins do not replace going to the gym, those memory supplements cannot replace memory exercises as described on this website.  

I have good news for you and semi-good news:

Good news: Everybody (including you) can improve their memory.

Semi-good news: you have to practice, practice, practice. Just as you exercise in the gym, you have go through memory exercises. And the easiest and fastest way to improve are introduced on this website.

Click on PRACTICE  (or click onto the puzzle pieces on the right) and here is one of the best memorization tips you will ever find: Follow the 3 steps in how to improve your memory:

Step 1: Association (Game 1)

And then move on to: Step 2: Location (Game 2)

And finally Step 3: Visualisation (Game 3)  

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Step 1:


Association means HOW LONG it stays in your memory.


Step 2:


Location means HOW MUCH you remember.

Step 3:


Visualisation means WHAT you remember.