The MENTAL DIARY Technique


The Mental Diary is a very specific application of the journey method.

Surely you must have a similar experience as this:

Your friend rang to meet up next Friday, and you agreed, only to be told by your partner that you have already an engagement that was arranged before.

You simply FORGOT. Sounds familiar?

If so, give the MENTAL DIARY a go.


Create a journey of 31 stages.

Each stage represents one day of the month.

Whatever you would put in your hardcopy diary, you now put into your mental diary.

Whatever it is: change it into a picture on connect with the appropriate stage.

It is as simple as that.


I.e: you have to bring your car to the garage on the 6th of the month.

Then: imagine your car; See the 6th stage of the journey; and have a wild guess what comes now: connect the two.

Some practical advice:

Every morning you might just run through your diary; the full month you have done easily in a minute or two (especially if you do it regularly).

By the way: do it or don’t.

Only if you practice this regularly it becomes valuable.

If you want to plan further that one month: create another journey, or even three.

It is very easy to run 3 journeys by 31 stages each.

And then you recycle.

Say you do have 3 journeys, then you would use the one you used for January again for the month of April. The items you placed on the February journey will fade away at the end of February and you can use this journey again in May.

It is possible to have 3 to 5 items per day. Easily.

Should you have a really full diary as a top executive for example, them you might want to develop more sophisticated systems.

However if you do practice the system as suggested here, you certainly KNOW what to do to develop the systems that work perfectly for you.


The mental diary is a very good example how to use memory techniques in a very practical way.

This technique done on a regular basis can be quite good encouragement to try out other techniques and methods as well.

Give it go and develop a journey of 31 stages for your MENTAL DIARY.

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