The number rhyme system is quite similar to the number shape system.

Only this time we change the numbers into pictures according to how they sound.

Here are some suggestions:

  1. sun, bun, gun
  2. shoe, glue, sue
  3. tree, bee, key
  4. door, sore, boar
  5. hive, chive, dive
  6. bricks, sticks
  7. heaven, kevin
  8. gate, bait, weight
  9. vine, sign, pine
  10. hen, ben, men

Choose only one picture for each number.

Which one?

Just as above: the one you like best.

Don’t ask why, simply choose.

And again as before: once you have chosen your picture, don’t change it ever again.

The number rhyme system is a handy number if you are stuck.

A personal opinion:

I prefer the number shape system, simply because it was the first system I have learned.

If you need more to remember, then I do use the journey method (this comes up later).