The number shape system is a favourite with students.

It is easy to do and shows quick results.

The Method

Whatever you want to remember you have to change into a picture.

Now, we want to remember the numbers from 1 to 10, so we have to change them into pictures.

And as the name says: We change the numbers into pictures according to their shape.

  1. You may see a pencil here. Important: you say one, however in your mind you SEE a pencil from now on.
  2. That could be a swan.
  3. Maybe hand-cuffs? Opened hand-cuffs.
  4. The sail (of a boat).
  5. A hand
  6. That could be the trunk of an elephant.
  7. A flag.
  8. I like that one: a snowman.
  9. A balloon on a string. What colour is the balloon? If you give it a colour that helps a lot.
  10. A bat and a ball. Maybe baseball if you live in America, cricket in England, and hurling in Ireland. You could be neutral and take the cue and white ball of pool/snooker/billiard.


Now revise. See the numbers (IN PICTURES) in your head.

One is pencil, two is swan, and so on.

Stop right now and see the numbers from 1 to 10.

Do this at least 5 times.

Again: the better and faster you can recall this sequence, the easier the next exercise will be.


Imagine, you want to remember the following ten items:

Carrot Table Bucket Peas Cable

Star Wood Princess Sofa Chimney

And now you do the very same as in the ASSOCIATION exercises:

You connect one picture with the other picture. In the most bizarre, vivid, crazy manner.

So you connect pencil (as the number 1) with carrot.

And then you connect swan (as the number 2) with table.

And so on.


What was the picture for one? A pencil of course.

What is connected to the pencil?

Should one of the pictures not come back, you know what to do!

Make the connection stronger. More colours, more movement, more senses, more vivid, more crazy!

Now keep going from 1 all the way to 10.

Stop reading and do it!!


Well the test is just like revision:

You might close your eyes (it does help), lean back and count from one to ten. In pictures, of course.

How did you get on?

10 out of 10?

Did you surprise yourself?

Of course you did!


The number rhyme system is quite similar to the number shape system. Only this time we change the numbers into pictures according to how the sound. (CLICK HERE)


The number shape system is a good way to get started with remembering techniques.

And it does exactly what it says on the tin: You can memorise 10 items in correct sequence.

It does come handy when you quickly want to remember 10 things.

The number shape system is easy to do.

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