How to remember NUMBERS

How many pin numbers do you have?

My daughter memorised the 16 digits of my credit card. AND the security code on the back. Shall I be proud or worried here?

In 2012 at the memory championship the winner memorised 2440 digits within 60 minutes.


What is it that YOU want to achieve?


This website is divided into Memory Techniques Basics and Advanced Memory Techniques.

Without the basics: It is very, very difficult.

With the basics: It is a natural extension of the basics, it kind of falls into place. Yes: you have to put in the work; however it is rather easy.


There are what’s called the small(er) number systems, like the number shape system. Well, in combination with the journey method that can be impressive.

And there are more complex number systems.

On a personal note: I do not follow the ‘major’ system. It is ok. However it is cumbersome and not really that powerful.


Do you want to learn how to remember numbers?

Then here is the sequence.

You have learned the basics?

You have downloaded Game 1 & Game 2 & Game 3.

And you assure me that you mastered the three steps = the three games.

And then, and only then I will send you my guide to remembering numbers.


Why so complicated?

I have learned that people want too much too soon.

They want to play a Beethoven sonata without doing finger-exercises.

They want to run a marathon without being able to run one mile.


Again: Without the basics: It is very, very difficult.

With the basics: It is rather easy.

It is as simple as that.


In my guide to HOW TO REMEMBER NUMBERS we take it step by step.

  • What to do with one digit numbers;
  • What to do with two digit numbers;
  • What to do with three digit numbers;
  • And then introducing an element that revolutionises number crunching, and makes it very powerful indeed to remember four digit numbers.

Once you have that it is a very easy and a natural step to remember long numbers.

Be it your credit-card number or a thousand digits.


You get ALL the theory that you need.

You get my support and guidance.

And you get advice on practicing with a computer game.

Just like the memory champions.


Get started with the Basics.

Memory Techniques Basics (Overview)

Mastered the Basics??

Then CONTACT ME and we move on to: How to remember numbers.