Without Cue-Cards

Greater than the fear of dying

is the fear of PUBLIC SPEAKING.


Do you have the best man’s speech coming up,

Or: You are a student and you have to present your project,

Or: You are the CEO and you don’t want to bore your listeners to death.



Then: follow the guide:

How to hold speeches without cue-cards


This website is divided into Memory Techniques Basics and Advanced Memory Techniques.

Without the basics: It is very, very difficult.

With the basics: It is a natural extension of the basics, it kind of falls into place. Yes: you have to put in the work; however it is rather easy.



In How to hold Speeches without Cue-Cards I will guide you through 5 steps to memorise your speech. Having commited your speech to memory goes a long way to calm nerves.


Then, I will walk you through some examples: step by step.

A very good idea to practice is actually telling jokes.

Not only will you learn how it is done, also you will be more popular among your friends.


Some of the ideas presented in this guide I had to learn the hard way myself. And I can assure you: that wasn’t entirely pleasant. How much would it be worth to you if you could have a pleasant night’s sleep the night before your presentation?


And on top of that, there are three more ideas that can help you immensely.

1. An ingenious way to organise your information, and build up the body of your speech

2. Learn how to calm your nerves

3. Learn how to strengthen your motivation and confidence



Do you want to learn:  

How to remember speeches without cue-cards?

Then here is the sequence.

You have learned the basics?

You have downloaded Game 1 & Game 2 & Game 3.

And you assure me that you mastered the three steps = the three games.

And then, and only then I will send you my guide to remembering speeches.


Why so complicated?

I have learned that people want too much too soon.

They want to play a Beethoven sonata without doing finger-exercises.

They want to run a marathon without being able to run one mile.


Again: Without the basics: It is very, very difficult.

With the basics: It is rather easy.

It is as simple as that.


In my guide to HOW TO REMEMBER SPEECHES WITHOUT CUE-CARDS we take it step by step.

  • 5 Steps to commit your speech to memory;
  • Some examples of how it is done;
  • Three mighty extra ideas:
  • How to organise your information and collect ideas;
  • How to calm your nerves;
  • How to strengthen your confidence with visualisation techniques.

Use this skill to be calm and composed for a short announcement or use it to be confident and motivational in the speech of your life.


You get ALL the theory that you need.

And: You get my support and guidance.



Get started with the Basics.

Memory Techniques Basics (Overview)


Mastered the Basics??

Then CONTACT ME and we move on to: How to remember speeches without cue-cards.