Surely you are aware that we have two halves of the brain. Very broadly speaking: the left side is responsible for logic and sequential and analytical thinking. And the right side deals with creative and pictorial and holistic thinking.

This is not entirely correct, but for our purposes here it is sufficient.

In the past when there was a problem, most people tried to solve it analytically. Which is fine, to some degree. However thinking becomes really powerful if the right side, the visual side is included as well.

In the section: Basic Memory Techniques we utilised both sides: Location and journey method is the left side of the brain, seeing things in your mind’s eye (visualisation) is the right side of the brain; and association actually connects left and right side of the brain.

I believe that we reach only our full capacity if you utilise both sides of the brain. Therefore there is a stress on creative ideas in this section. Simply because I believe that our (western) schooling system stresses too much the left side of the brain, the logic part.

One reason for this may be that creativity is hard to measure, and therefore hard to teach, and the teacher simply don’t know how to deal with that. Nevertheless, the creative people have advanced society in the past.

In the context of learning: Let’s bring left and right side of the brain together and then we do have a marvellous tool at our disposal.

And learning can be fun! (Again, as it was when we were small kids!)