As Tony Buzan once said:

One of the biggest discoveries of the 20th century was that the brain actually is part of the body. Now that sounds facetious, however it hits the point that some people think somehow the brain is not really part of the body, as if thinking is kind of removed from the physical body.

In the 17th century people believed rubbing castor oil into the back of your neck would help to increase your mental processes. Or putting on a beaver skin cap. Or whatever idea you might come across. Today we believe: keep your body fit and that in turn will take care of your brain. It is as simple as that.

Although your brain is only about 1% of your body weight, it uses up 20 – 25% of the oxygen. So keep the body fit, and that in turn will supply the brain with enough oxygen.

Look at the grand-masters of memory, some call them mentathletes. All of them keep their body fit. If there is a championship coming up (memory championship that is) then these guys embark on a rigorous physical exercise programme. Almost like training for a physical tournament. They found out the body has to be in top form and then the brain will function at its peak as well.

One good example may be this: In the 1990s Gary Kasparov was the absolute chess champion. If you are not into chess you are excused if you think that ok, those guys sit there, think a bit, make a couple of moves and that’s that. That got nothing to do with physical fitness. Wrong. Absolutely wrong. During that time Kasparov had a strict physical work-out regime. He spent three hours every day in the gym, and only THEN went to the chessboard.


You don’t have to train like Kasparov, or like an olympic athlete.

General good fitness level is sufficient.

It may even act as a balance to sitting at the desk for prolonged periods of time.

You may consider walking.

It is easy, doesn’t cost anything and is very good for the body.

AND: during the walk you are exposed to many more stimuli (colours, weather, birds singing, chit-chat).

And you can use this time to revise your walks.

It is absolutely brilliant.