If you have a student in your house and they want to tell you that they learn best in the small hours of the night, then simply smile and let it rest.

You know that ain’t the case.

There is a natural performance curve that peaks around 11 am and goes down at lunchtime.

(The Spanish have it nicely figured out with siesta.Body-clock-wise it makes perfect sense.)

There is another peak in the afternoon, however not as high as the morning one.

Result from this:

If you do manage to list your task, and you do manage to categorise them into A, B and C (according to importance), then you should attempt A-tasks during the morning peak.

Routine tasks around lunch-time, and then again semi-important tasks (B-tasks) in the afternoon.

After that your concentration and performance gradually goes down. Do what you can do, however don’t be surprised if you are ‘no good’ in the evening.

You might do routine tasks, organising, preparing for the next day etc. in the evening.

If your day allows it:

Do the most important task in the middle of the morning.

And use the evenings for balance.

Go to the cinema, theatre and meet friends for boosting creativity or go running or to the gym to get your body fit (see above).