The last 10 years there was a lot of hype about brain-foods.

Which basically means oily fish.

My advice: If you like it: eat it.

Yes, you might take Omega oils.

Get some advice from your local health food shop. However the ones that you get in the supermarket (cheaper than healthfood shops) will do the trick just as well.

If you are a vegetarian and/or just can’t stand fish then take a combination of seeds: sunflower + pumpkin + sesame + linseed.

Sprinkle them over your breakfast muesli or cereal.

That is sufficient!!

Another alternative is: Udo’s Oil (Ask in healthfood shop). That is actually quite tasty and I do believe that this fellow has done his research.

All the other hype with blueberries and gojiberries and other berries – what the marketing machinery calls – superfoods:

If you like them, then eat them.

But don’t overestimate their effect on memory.

Keep healthy in general. If you are somewhat healthy and somewhat fit, and you drink somewhat enough water, then you are just doing fine.

Yes, I do recommend omega oil and seeds.

Take those superfoods if you like them.

However practicing the exercises (as introduced in Basic Memory Techniques) will create an immensely better performance than taking any of those ‘superfoods’.