Well, this might be an obvious one.

If you are wrecked when you get up, then ....

If it happens occasionally, don’t worry.

If it happens repeatedly, then you have to examine that.

Some common sense ideas:

Go to the doctor.

Go to the gym.

Or simply: go for a walk. At least one hour a day.

Are you worried? Then get that sorted out.

A more unusual idea:

In some countries the knowledge about earthlines is very widespread.

It basically means that there energy lines.

If your bed is on one of those energy lines it may strongly affect you.

Have it checked out. (Or simply move your bed and see what happens.)

I myself had to live for a half a year somewhere else (during house renovations).

Myself and my wife did not sleep well, and on top of that we had nightmares more or less every night; the nasty sort of nightmares. Back in the old house all that is gone, and we sleep soundly.

There was nothing wrong with the other house per se, and we strongly believe the bed was on earthlines. If you feel this may be the case with you, you have to do some research into this.