This idea may really surprise you. Michael Mosley did a documentary into the benefits of fasting (BBC AUGUST 2012) This was mainly in the realm of health. However towards the end there was a really interesting hint towards Alzheimer’s disease.

When you are fasting the brain cells are producing new connections. Out of the blue. It just happens. The (possible) explanation may be: When you are fasting then the body switches into emergency mode, and mobilises everything it has to increase the chances of survival. And creating more neuron connections in the brain makes you smarter, so can think better and more in order to have more ideas in how and where to find food.

Dr. Mosely examined different models of fasting. 1. A daily ration of 1300 kalories, every day. He didn’t like that. That was a bit harsh. 2. ADF: Alternate day fasting. One day you have less than 800 calories, and the next day you can eat what you want. Still a bit harsh. 3. Two days a week on 800 calories. Dr. Mosely settled on this model for himself. And he did bring his health parameters (cholesterol etc.) to a healthy level.

Important: You should only attempt anything is this area after medical consultation.

Health aside, you might give it a go. I, myself, practice this model: one day per week: no solid food. It is easier than you think. Besides some added (positive) weight effects, it does make thoughts clearer.