Ah, you might say, that is a sneaky one. Promoting your own cause.

Yes and no.

Let me remind you of the three key-elements:

Association – Location – Visualisation

Location is the logic element, the organising one, that is the left side of the brain.

Visualisation is the creative element, that is the right side of the brain.

And association connects the left side and right side of the brain.

So doing a couple of exercises is actually relaxing and creative at the same time as it involves both sides of the brain.

One example to illustrate my point:

Names and Faces.

Most people say that they forget names easily (easier than faces anyway). Also, most people say that they remember faces easier, even to the point: If I have seen a face once, then I remember that I have seen it.

However what happens?

The name is sequential information (= one letter after the other), and we forget to form a picture. The face is visual = picture, that is the right brain, and that is for most people easier to do. So, if you change the name into a picture you engage now the right side of the brain as well, and if you connect name (left side of the brain) with the face (right side of the brain) then you engage both sides again.

Voila, therefore practicing to remember names (and faces) can be relaxing and creative at the same time.