This is one of the most inventive games I have ever seen.

You have 9 cubes, each with different symbols on them.

Throw the 9 cubes, and see what is on top, and then give it a go to make up a story.

I found this example on youtube:

It sounds bizarre, however I have seen the effect with kids.

Kids love that.

One time, we had to travel for 2 hours. That’s always a challenge for kids. My daughter (then 11 years old) and her friend were in the back. And at one stage they started giggling and laughing and couldn’t stop. I noticed they were telling each other stories, and I only got bits of the conversation. And it really didn’t make sense to me what they were talking about. I whispered to my wife: what the heck are the kids talking about? She said: they have this game, the story-cubes.

And it kept them amused for quite a while.

Back to advice on creativity: Have a set of these story cubes on your desk.

Whenever you felt in the past that you ‘needed a cup of coffee’, you might give them a go.

It is easy, and quick, and it does get the creative juices going.




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