DURING (your study period)

Do you know what you want to memorise?


Then, here are 5 steps that sequence every memorisation:

1. Your journey (revise it = walk it in your mind before you start)

2. Visualise what you want to remember (more about this in next section that deals specifically with visualisation LINK)

3. Connect: place items on journey = connect stage with pictured item

4. Revise: Walk the walk (until you have the intuitive feeling of ‘I just know it’

5. Test yourself.

Do you know what you want to memorise?


Then start with a mind map.

The first one you do: jot down all the ideas about the topic that you ALREADY KNOW.

Keep in mind, there is always something that you already know. This is not about getting the correct stuff onto paper, this is about waking up your brain cells.

Then a second mind map (either a different sheet, or onto the first one in different colour): Jot down all the things that you WANT TO KNOW.

You are studying your topic for a reason.

What are the question that the author should answer for you?

What interests you?

What could be exam material?

The more you work with your mind maps the more a structure will appear.

Once you have enough material and/or enough structure, go to the sequence above.

Have your journey, and place the items onto your journey, and revise.