STUDY SKILLS (Content Table)

Study Skills

1 Overview

2A Interest

2B Definition

3A About this chapter

3B Left vs. right brain

4 Traditional Approach

5 Common Sense Ideas

6A Being Fit

6B Water

7A Time Management

7B Brain Food & ‘Superfoods’

8A Vitamins

8B Sleep

9 Some New Ideas

10A 20 Minute Rule

10B Gregorian Chants

11A Revision Sequence

11B Mind Mapping

12A Fasting

12B And ... smile. Towards Happiness

13 How and what to study: A Practical Example

14A 80% of Relevant Information

14B Content Table

15A Guestimating Exam Questions

15B Mind Map and Questions

16A Memorise Summary

16B Practice With Glossary

17 Creativity Ideas

18A Morning Pages

18B Artist’s Date

19Mind Mapping

20A Day Dreaming

20B Practicing Memory Techniques

21A “Flow”

22B Story Cubes

23 Absolute Ideal Study Sequence

24 Before (you begin to study)

25 During (your study period)

26 After (your study period)

27 Other Ideas You May Consider

28A The Bigger Picture

28B Emotions

29A Relaxation

29B Time Management

30 Signature Strengths