Let’s take something else.

E.g. a sunflower and a fox.

Again, as before: there are thousands of possibilities.

And your ideas work way better than mine, because they are yours.

I give you hints what works for me.

Nevertheless you have to find your own style.

The fox eating the sunflower is bizarre.

However it could happen in real life, therefore (most probably) not strong enough.

How about the fox puts his head through the middle of the flower and wears the petals like a ruff = collar.

Not enough? Bring in more senses, bring it to life (like in cartoons).

The sun-flower comes to life and asks: ‘What the heck do you thing you are doing?’

The fox:’ I can do whatever I want. My teeth can rip you apart’.

And the fox is chewing some petals now. However the sunflower comes to life and stick some of the petals like a knife into the fox. They are fighting, and blood all over the place.

And so on.

I do have to admit that my pictures are a little bit on the vicious side. Maybe because in my life there is very little fighting and brutality and therefore this is very unusual for me. And therefore it works for me.


My daughter was about 3 or 4 years of age, when I showed her exactly this technique.

We took two pictures, and all I asked was: what is (Picture A) doing?

And then: what is the other (Picture B) doing?

And just keep going, back and forth a couple of times.

I remember there was one time when almost every sequence ended in:

‘Now they are deaded.’

That was for me the sign that this connection is good enough = strong enough in her head.

And: It ALWAYS was!