A training plan sounds like going to the gym. And just like in the gym you can train different aspects (strength, stamina, flexibility).

Similarly here: Although you need all three basic key-elements, you could train each one of them individually.

How to improve ASSOCIATION

You are not sure what association means then go to ... (CLICK HERE)

For ideas on how to make associations stronger: go to ... (CLICK HERE)

You have “arrived” = succeeded if you ... (CLICK HERE)

Basic training programme:

On a sheet of paper: Write 10 items (any items) in a column on the left, And 10 items on the right. Connect the item on the left with the item on the right. To test yourself: cover one of the columns. How did you do?

Also See: Step 1: Association => training and testing (CLICK HERE)

How to improve LOCATION

For ideas on how to create journeys, go to ... (CLICK HERE)

As a rule of thumb (if you are a student), you could say that you have “arrived” = succeeded if you have 20 journeys with 20 stages each. That is a very good rule of thumb. If you are not a student, then probably 5 to 10 journeys will suffice quite nicely

Basic training programme:

Every day memorise 10 items. With a different journey every day.

That’s all.

Also see: Step 2: Location => training and testing (CLICK HERE)

How to improve VISUALISATION

If you are not sure what visualisation means, then go to ... (CLICK HERE)

For ideas on visualisation, go to ... (CLICK HERE)

Basic training programme:

A: take any magazine and memorise one item of each page of the first 10 pages (use journey method (CLICK HERE) or number-shape system (CLICK HERE)

B: any 10 quiz questions (CLICK HERE)

Very important here: done regularly you will improve very quickly indeed.

Also see: Step 3: Visualisation => training and testing (CLICK HERE)

Finding the why behind training

Sometimes it is good to have a role-model.

Watch the following clip with Sofia Boutella. She talks about dancing. This is nice but not important for my point. The essence here is: Practice, practice, practice. Once you decide to practice, then the results HAVE to come. It is as simple as that.It is not about talent. Or age. Or whatever.

It is about a decision and one decision only. And that is: to practice. Or not.

Youtube Playlist

Absolute minimal programme:

Every day:

Memorise any 10 items with the number-shape method. (or one exercise as introduced in Step 1: Association: CLICK HERE)

Memorise any 10 items with the journey method.

You might add: 10 Quiz Questions (for instructions CLICK HERE)


Memory is a skill.

Everybody can learn it.

It is just like going to the gym.

Practice, practice, practice.

Just do it!!

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