Boggeragh Mountains

Now about this example I am really proud of.

It is a little bit elaborate, and that is not really necessary.

This is just for fun. And why not?

Boggeragh: GH at the end is silent, so it is pronounced: boggerahhhh.

I said to my son: turf in this country is called bog.

He said: what is turf?

I had to take a different approach. Remember, he is 9 years of age.

I attempted to make it interesting. So I said: the toilet is also called bog.

Now, I had his interest. Can you see yourself sitting on the ‘bog’?

He nodded.

Can you see yourself doing number 2?

He nodded.

Imagine it is a really difficult number 2 business.

Can you see that?

He nodded.

Now let’s put it together: You are sittiing on the bog, doing your difficult number 2 business,

and when you are finished you shout: ahhhhhhhhh.

There you have your picture: boggerahhhhhhhh.

Do you like this one?

Remember, it doesn’t have to be elaborate; however if it happens,

I promise you, it is really good fun. And my son never forgot this one.