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Special Exercise 1: Names & Hobbies (CLICK HERE)

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Exercise 1: Common Words

You know all these words; they are common English words; however once you attempt this exercise you will notice that 'somehow' you are struggling. Learn what to do and move towards memory success.

Exercise 2: Not so Common Words

Although the words used here are English words, there is a good chance you never heard them before. Learn what to do with these words and let them be an example that in the future you can remember ANYTHING. After this exercise you will have the confidence to attempt even the most difficult words, words that would have scared you in the past.

Exercise 3: Quiz Questions

This is by far the best example ever to get started. Playfully you learn how to incorporate 'changing words into pictures'. It will become second nature to you.

Exercise of the Month (October 2013)

Past Exercises of the Month

Special Exercise 1: Names & Hobbies

This is the most detailed exercise in this section. Read and work through it and it push you towards memory success.

Special Exercise 2: Eurovision 2013

A practical example that shows how to apply the techniques learned in this sections.

Special Exercise 3: Sunday Times Bestseller List

This is a neat example taken from everyday life. The trick really is finding practice examples. Here is one that I use regularly.

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