Now change these words into pictures.

Remember: your own pictures are better than mine.

However, if you would like some hints, here are some suggestions:


Surely that is an easy one.

Even seeing your shoe-laces will be fine.


How about:

Dolmen & match?


How about: your Merc (= mercedes) and gator (= alligator)

An alligator driving/ripping apart your mercedes?


What colour is your cardigan?

A horse wearing a cardigan?

Put a wig on your horse to make it into a Lord.

Marx & Harp

Surely you can see the wholly hair of Karl Marx?

Playing a harp?

Ok, smashing a harp.


Tea & Anna

Now what can Anne ‘do’ to tea to make it crazy?

Charlie Chaplin

You have a picture of the silent movie star?

If not: go to wikipedia, that’ll do nicely and look at it for a few moments.

If not: someone in your circle of friends is called Charlie. What is Charlie doing to the chapel?

Oh, my God, so much rubble and dust around??


Cave Man?


See a pen. That is sufficient. Most probably you don’t need the part ‘insular’. If you do, you know what to do.

Dogger Bank

A dog in a bank?

What’s the dog doing.

Behind the counter?

Come on, you can do better than that.

Connect dog and bank in a very crazy way!