Test Yourself:

Read the question,

See the key-word in a picture,

And let the answer come to you:

Which of the following is a knot?

A: Alpine Butterfly

B: Red Admiral

C: Peacock

D: Cabbage White

Which instrument is particularly associated with the Dolmetsch family?

A: Bassoon

B: Oboe

C: Clarinet

D: Recorder

In what kind of book would you find Mercator’s projection?

A: Photography

B: Anatomy

C: Atlas

D: Horoscope

What was the horse of Lord Cardigan, who led the charge of the Light Brigade, called?

A: Reginald

B: Ralph

C: Rupert

D: Ronald

Which of the Marx Brothers was nicknamed Harpo?

A: Julius

B: Milton

C: Herbert

D: Adolph

What is the nationality of a person born and brought up in the European city of Tirana?

A: Romanian

B: Bulgarian

C: Albanian

D: Armenian

In which city was Charlie Chaplin born?

A: Liverpool

B: London

C: New York

D: Chicago

Which sport uses a club called a ‘caman’?

A: Ice Hockey

B: Polo

C: Hurling

D: Shinty

Britain fought the Peninsular War against which country?

A: United States

B: Spain

C: Russia

D: France

What is the Dogger Bank?

A: Financial Institution

B: Steep hill on the M6

C: Fishing Ground

D: Children’s moneybox